June 6, 2014


 Dead Cat Comedy proudly presents our FIRST EVER podcast. Hosted by RED REDMOND. Every week Red will invite a critically acclaimed comedian into his dingy flat for a chat about comedy, life and much much more.



The show will feature interviews with some of our favourite comedians as well as regular shout-outs for upcoming gigs. The podcast can currently be heard on Soundcloud, although we are working on getting it uploaded to iTunes asap.

This week’s episode features special guest WILL FRANKEN. All the way from USA, Will is a man with a kaleidoscopic mind. A one-man sketch character explosion, not for the feeble minded. Red and Will have plenty to chat about including performing, travelling and crying after gigs. The interview took place immediately proceeding our show Indie Comedy Allstars.

Any further questions about Podcat? Please e-mail us.

Meow x