September 10, 2013


Here at Dead Cat Comedy we are aware of the sheer amount of competition we have. Not just from other Comedy nights but from TV, Nightclubs and that new Italian place that opened down the road that Kelly and Andrew went that one time and thought was nice. Basically, the 21st Century is full of distractions. LOOK AN EAGLE WITH AN ELVIS WIG! But despite that, Dead Cat Comedy believe it is important to reward our audience’s loyalty….


Therefore, Dead Cat Comedy Club now offer Membership Cards. These snazzy little black and white beauties entitle you to all sorts of special offers including 20% OFF ALL DRINKS during any Dead Cat Comedy show. That’s right! Cheaper drinks means cheaper giggles and helps everyone have an all round more affordable night out. Membership Cards cost a mere £5 and will be on sale during all upcoming Dead Cat Comedy shows. We’ve even had them coated in a high quality gloss to ensure a classy visage. All proceeds go directly towards funding future events and ensuring the undeniable quality that our audience have come to expect.

So, pop down and pick up your very own Dead Cat Membership Card at any of our upcoming shows…


Meow x