January 4, 2013

Hello Internet!

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Dead Cat Comedy has launched their very own website.
Forget endless faffing on Facebook, now you can find everything Dead Cat-related (not that) all in one place. Here!

But why Dead Cat? Why upload yourself to the Interweb? Websites are for bingo addicts, car insurers and porn.

Well, everything’s online nowadays. The other day I bought a melon online. A MELON!
We therefore decided it was about time Dead Cat Comedy got it’s own plot in this haneous cyber world you people call the Internet.

– Browse our site for the latest Dead Cat news
– Be the first to find out about upcoming shows.
– Gaze in awe at our staggering WordPress wizadry.

Not yet impressed? Then I suggest you go into your bathroom, dismantle that disposable razor and end it all.

Meow x