August 1, 2013

Dead Cat T-Shirts anyone?

IMG_1098 (600 x 448)

Our first batch of Dead Cat T-shirts have arrived. EXCITING!

We’re totally thrilled with the new bold design. So we’ve decided to share them with the world…

I’ll be lugging them up to Edinburgh this Friday. The plan is to sell them after our shows for a rather respectable £15. Taking a show up to the Fringe can cost a lot of money, so all proceeds go towards funding this year’s Edinburgh splurge.

Also, to show you just how awesome these shirts are, we went out and took an uber-erotic photo shoot. We did this to showcase the designs…and definitely not because we’re addicted to America’s Next Top Model. We have a bundle of other designs in the pipeline too. So, expect to see more when we return home in September.

Meow x