September 5, 2013

Dead Cat Comedy Créche.

Dead Cat Comedy Club proudly presents a Brand New Show! For Brand New Comedy!

newactsnight_A4 (425 x 600)

Live from Manchester’s premier Real Ale house, Sandbar. DEAD CAT COMEDY CRÉCHE! Every first Monday of the Month. Join resident MC Red Redmond as he introduces a cavalcade of comedy hopefuls to entertain your fabulous faces for free!

Usually our nights are all about 100% top quality stand-up comedy. But we understand that it takes time and dedication to reach that quality. Whether you’re an established act honing new material or a new act taking their first steps, we’re here to help. Say hello to Dead Cat Comedy Créche. Manchester’s newest and nicest Open Mic Comedy Night.

We want to help newer acts get a feel for the art of stand-up. We don’t believe in gong shows or making the acts compete against one another. We just want to give acts time to develop their skills in a judgement free environment. We also think its important for the newer acts on the bill to mix with seasoned professionals. Ya know, to show em how its done. So we’ve invited down circuit headliner Ben Schofield ‘Impressive…best act of the night’ – XS Malarkey. Ben’s a fantastic comic and it’s a real pleasure to have him down.

Future dates…If you’re a new comic or established act with some material that needs airing then we’d love to hear from you. Please send all gig requests to We won’t be able to get back to everyone but I hope you appreciate that will try.

7th October
4th November
2nd December

Meow x